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welcome to officialgist.com.ng. We Officialgist is an online magazine website that gives details of latest Nigerian news in all sector such as (Education, Business and Job to people where ever we can find them, either in Schools, Markets, Churches, Banks, Public places and Business Firms within and outside the country.

Firstly, We are highly grateful for your profound visit to my websites, as the owner/founder of officialgist.com.ng, I remain my humble self Immanuel and my promise will be that the vital information and logistics that you need in my sites shall be available 24/7.

Job Vacancy

This is one of the major source of techniques, as we get important information on the match work to qualify. We will always be updated to your Maximum satisfaction so as to let you know about the job recruitment.


We provide confidential news on education and also we portray our efforts in making sure that the best of our services must be rendered perfectly.


My name is Obodo Immanuel Okpolu, I’m a university undergraduate studying computer science as my profession, A Blogger, future Programmer. For me? I have great passion for blogging,surfing the Internet, providing ICT solutions for friends and even if I don’t know it I make research, learn it and come teach others.